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"Um, so, Kiku, is there any unusual mythological creatures, stories or legends from around this area?" asked Arthur.
"Why do you ask England-san?" Kiku replies.
"Oh, well, as you might know, I like fantasy things and all, and I was curious about the ones in this area of Japan," Arthur says a bit nervously back.
"England-san, please let me think on this one moment," Kiku replys, then seems lost in thought.
"Okay he is thinking. That's good. I'm curious myself, but I hope he remembers her. It would be really sad if he doesn't," Arthur thinks to himself as he looks at a girl walking with them.
Unfortunately, Japan doesn't seem to see her.
-Flash back time-
"You want me to try to see if Japan-san remembers you?" Arthur says surprised.
"Yes, I would ask him myself but…..I-I can't. He can't see me anymore. I'll all ways be his friend, but he left and never can back. I found out from other yokai that Japan-san couldn't see us anymore so I went and found him. He really couldn't see me," and you start to cry a little.
"Okay, love, I'll try" England says looking a little sad.
"R-really? Thank you ever so much," you then give Arthur a hug which surprises him.
"Thank you Arthur, it means a lot to me. I'm glad you're my friend," you say with a small smile.
-End flash back-
"Must be hard to have a person you care about not even know you exist. _____(y/n) is standing right next to him and he still doesn't know she is there," Arthur sighs, while thinking to himself.
"England-san, I do remember a myth that was once told in this area," Kiku says, snapping Arthur out of his thoughts.
"What would that be?" Arthur asks optimistically.
"There is a myth about a black scaled, aqua-eyed sea dragon called, _____(y/n)-san, that is supposed to live around here. They say this sea dragon caused storms and huge waves, but other people say it saved people, not harmed them," says Japan.
You smile at Kiku's comment, looking hopeful.
"I am somewhat embarrassed to say this," Kiku continues, "but when I was young, I imagined that I would play with a girl that was the sea dragon but _____(y/n)-san was human-looking."
"That is an interesting myth thank you for sharing it, and I won't laugh at you." Arthur says.
As he watches, you jump around and shout out, "He remembers, He remembers!" and still the Japanese man didn't notice _____(y/n).
"Thank you England-san" Kiku says back.
"Thank you Arthur!" you say and hug him quickly, in a way that would not make him act weird in front of Japan-san, "I'm going to head home, I live at a shrine in the nearby town so come visit me every now and then please," you say and skip off with your long _____(h/c) blowing in the wind.
"You're welcome ________(y/n)," Arthur whispers as you skip off.
"What was that, England-san?" Japan asks
"Ah, What? Oh nothing," Arthur loudly replies back nervously.
"Okay England-san" Kiku says looking a little worried.
Arthur nervously laughs then thinks to himself, "There has to be more I can do for _____(y/n). Oh I know, that spell would be perfect!"
-Time skip-
"England-san, this is the shrine people made for the sea dragon, _____(y/n), which I told you about yesterday. I believe you wanted to see it," Kiku says as he walks up the steps to go inside.
"Yes, that is quite right," Arthur says with a big grin on his face which causes Japan to look confused.
"People still come and offer things for good luck on………,"Japan stops as he sees a young women sleeping with their head on a pillow and a blanket over her.  
The top of your head along with your long _____(h/c) hair was all he could see of you.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING SLEEPING IN HERE!?! THAT'S DISRESPECTFUL!!! Kiku says out loud, alarmed that someone would even think to sleep in the small shrine.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'M SORRY!" You shout and jump up on your feet with your heart going a mile a minute.
"Why are you sleeping here and…..why," Kiku trails off as he looks at you, he seems shocked.
"Why you look like a little girl I played with when I was young, how can that be?" Kiku says still shocked.
"Err what, um, you're Japan-chan, right?" Now was the time for you to be surprised. "How can he see me even?" You think to yourself, but then notice Arthur with a big grin with a thumbs-up sign, "He must have done something," you think.
"Oh yes, where are my manners. I am Kiku and you are?" Japan asks you.
"I'm _______(y/n)," you need an explanation and scrambling quickly for one and come up with,  "I am named after a sea dragon and also one of my ancestors that looked like the sea dragon like I do. That may be why we look alike" you lied, but felt happy at that you; yourself could talk to Japan.
You also notice England had left while during this conversation.
"Oh I see _______(y/n)-chan. It was nice of her to play with me. You really do look like her, just more grown up." Japan says.
"You are very kind Kiku-chan. Um, so the reason I'm sleeping here is because of a festival we have in this town to honor the sea dragon. I'm supposed to represent the dragon. I already have the aqua eyes so I just wear black and then I look like the dragon," You say nervously as you play with the frills on your dress. You were also glad you thought of a somewhat believable story.
"It must be a small festival, but as long as it's expected for you to be here it's fine," Kiku says.
"Yes, Kiku-chan it is a small festival but important to us" You say and smile at him.
Both you and Kiku begin talking about random things until the sun was starts to set. The conversation was halted when your stomachs growled out of hunger, which made you and Kiku both get embarrassed, but then you quietly laugh together about it.
"We should get something to eat ______(y/n)-san," Kiku says and unfolding himself to stand up and heads to the door.
"Um, no that's alright, you go," You say.
You didn't know how Arthur's English magic might work. For some reason, you thought Kiku must only be able to see you in the shrine. Being unable to ask, you didn't want to leave with Kiku before you knew for sure.
"You are hungry _____(y/n)-san, you should eat. Come with me to get a meal, it will be my treat," Kiku says.
"That's okay, I will eat in a little bit," You say as you walk up next to Japan.
"I insist. Please come _____(y/n)-san," Kiku then gentle grabs your wrist and starts to walk through the door and then down the steps.
"Wait! Please Kiku sto-," but you were too late and your hand and part of your arm disappear as it goes through the door way. Kiku turns around confused about how your wrist seems to vanish from his grip. He then sees that part of your arm is missing and lets out a yelp and missteps and falls down the few stairs.
"I-I a-am sorry, so sorry," You say looking heartbroken at Kiku and not moving an inch, "I lied, I am so sorry Kiku. I am that little girl you played with so long ago. I'm the sea dragon and I have live a long time, so here I am. Thank you for playing with me and talking with me just now. Most of a-all thank you for re-remembering me-me and g-good-bye" You say as you start to cry then walked out the door, disappearing right in front of Kiku.
It seemed to be too much for the poor Japanese man and he fainted
-Time skip-
"Japan, Japan. Wake up Japan," A voice says to Kiku.
"Urragh, my head hurts," Kiku groans, "Oh England-san, where are we," Kiku says and looks around as he holds his head. They're at the shrine still but it's night.
"I got worried because you hadn't come back yet, so I came searching and found you like this," Arthur says, "What happened?"
Arthur then thinks to himself "It's a good thing ______(y/n) got me."
"It seems I fell and hit my head and then had a most strange dream," Kiku says trying to make sense of what happened earlier.
Arthur seems to stare at something and watches it for a bit but when Kiku looks he doesn't see anything "Okay then," Arthur says helping Kiku up then steadies Kiku on his feet. "Let's get you home to rest."
"Hai, that would be greatly appreciated," Japan says.
As the countries walk Kiku notices a crowd of people in a small garden. They were looking at an empty bench and acted like they were talking to someone.
"It is a day of strange happenings; I wonder what is going on over there?" Kiku thinks to himself.
Arthur notices Kiku staring and looks over to see a group of people seem to be trying to comfort ______(y/n). "Good, there are still people who can see _____(y/n)," Arthur mutters to himself but Kiku hears him.
"_____(y/n)-san? Over there?" Kiku says in confusion.
Arthur is surprised Kiku heard him and starts to panic and starts to just go off confusingly about how he is not crazy. Kiku doesn't pay attention and walks over to the crowd of people. A lady looks like she is putting her arm around someone but Kiku can't see anyone. The crowd of people suddenly notices Kiku, and all start to stare at him and seem to be annoyed at him
You had noticed Kiku walk near you and the crowd of people and had pointed him out to those around you. This had made the people look at him in annoyance, because not only did you help keep them safe when they went to fish on the ocean, you are their friend and he had made you sad enough to cry.
"Is….is there really someone there?" Kiku looks at where he believes you are.
The town's people just watch him. Not wanting him to make you even sadder.
"Um, Kiku, Don't think I'm crazy now, but she really is sitting there. It's not a prank. _____(y/n) knows you really can't see her. _____(y/n) told me she has even come to visit you at your house, but when you can't see her and it makes her sad," Arthur says looking uncertain.
"I see," Japan says looking confused and sad now.
"I don't think the town's people are helping," you think to yourself. So you say, "Could you guys maybe go, It may make it easier on him without people glaring at him."
"Are you sure _____(y/n)-san?" asks one of the towns-people and you nod at them so they started to leave you alone with Arthur and Kiku.
"He-hello again," you say quietly. You are very uncomfortable with Kiku staring at you but knowing he can't hear or even see you.
Kiku seemed confused as to why the people had suddenly left, but Arthur had put a hand on Kiku's shoulder to keep him from leaving too, "_____(y/n) said hello again," Arthur says to Kiku.
You were just watching and you had stood up and walked up to Kiku while Arthur spoke.
"I want to help her, if she says anything I can hear her and tell you," says Arthur and Kiku nods at him.
"Um, Hello ______(y/n)-san, I am sorry about not seeing you or hearing your words myself," Kiku says looking ashamed and bowing in your direction.
"It's okay Kiku-san. It's not like you hated me or anything," You say feeling awkward as Arthur relays what you said.
"I wouldn't hate you, _____(y/n)-san; you are a very important friend," Kiku says.
"Yes, I remember how we use to pretend that we were running around in the Sea Dragon Place. I even remember you thought I had drowned but I was sleeping underwater. That's how you figured out I was a sea dragon. I taught you how to swim so we could play in the water together," You smiled at him and England once again relays what you said.
"She really has to be there," Kiku thinks and is a little shocked, "I never told anyone any of that," out loud Kiku replies looking in your direction, "Yes that was a lot of fun _______(y/n)-san,"
"I should go before I make Arthur look any crazier," you say then bow and start to leave. Arthur was just about to say something when Kiku grabs your hand and stops you. You're shocked and so is Arthur.
"I don't think that England-san is crazy _______(y/n)-san. You are right here in front of me," Kiku says.
He then really surprises you and England by hugging you. "I'm sorry ______(y/n)-san, I have not been a very good friend".
You hug Japan back "It's okay," you say. You are so happy he can see you by himself that you are crying a little.
Your moment was broken by Arthur shouting out, "I'm going to leave the two of you alone now so you can kiss. Bye!" and then he ran off leaving you and Kiku red with embarrassment.
You found out China could see you also. Something about believing in dragons was the reason he gave you to why he could see you.
You never left Kiku very much, after he could see you again. He got some weird looks from people every now and then because sometimes it appeared like Kiku was talking to air or himself while talking to you. You two were happy and that's all you cared about.
It was also funny for you to watch Kiku see other yokai like Kapa-san again.
Wooo :w00t: second hetalia x reader!

I thought it would be interesting for Japan to love a yokai because a yokai can live as long as a country but not be a country. Also the fact Japan wouldn't see you for some time.

Anyways hope you like it!:D
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